About Harper

Harper is a 3-year-old Boxer/Airedale/Chow mix rescued from a shelter in 2009.

She’s a bright, no-nonsense gal but also knows how to curl up her tail and party like there is no tomorrow.

She likes long walks, dog parks, Puperoni, and Dental Stix.

She dislikes getting wet, rabbits in her yard, and being watched while eating her treats.  Seeks LTR but willing to play until then. Her age or younger (++). No Fats, No Fems, DDF only. No Freaks!

Harper lives with her two dads in Phoenix Arizona where she casts a giant shadow over the Valley of the Sun.

7 comments on “About Harper

  1. Ah, what a sweet dog! We too have a rescue – a two year old terrier / wire-haired dachshund (with blue eyes!) from Louisiana. Read your Shaw Festival posts – I work at the Shaw Festival! Thanks for your great comments and certainly appreciate you coming here all the way from Phoenix.

  2. Awwww, Harper is soooo cute! I love that TAIL! Where does she get it styled? I might have to visit that salon!

    David, it was sooooo good to meet you and Spo this weekend. What a fantastic gathering!
    Peace ❤

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