18 comments on “Mysterious Earworm or Creeping Dementia?

  1. On a tangentially related subject, what I just cannot stand at all is when someone puts words to an established classical music melody – and makes it well known in that form. It’s with you for your entire flaming life and there’s no way to expunge it. In just about every single case the emotion of the lyrics hasn’t the slightest thing to do with what the original composer had in mind. I would mention a number of examples but I dare not risk putting the thought into the minds of readers who, so far, might be untarnished and innocent of such, so I shan’t. But it really is infuriating.

    Before my blood pressure rises any higher, may I wish you a very happy and (though it’s a virtual impossible ask) ear-worm free 2016. Hope we’ll be reading rather more of you in coming times than you managed to treat us to in months gone by.; though only if you also want it so.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. As you may have gathered, my reappearance in the blogosphere has more than a whiff of New Year’s resolution about it. We’ll see how it goes.

      And thanks for the comment. It gave Harper’s Other Dad and I an interesting time over breakfast trying to think of such classical melodies.

      • Re HOD – Oh NOOOOOO! I only hope he kept them to himself. To share such monstrosities with another who is not yet aware of them is the height of irresponsibility!

        Btw: I see your NY resolution is holding up – so far.

  2. There is a lyric waiting to attack me around every corner. Vegetable prepping the other evening, without warning I’m humming, then singing, ‘asparagus without the hollandaise, plus all the belly laughs in Tennessee Williams’ plays, I used to love it, but now it’s a drag, love is a flagpole without the flag…’

    Have I been any help banishing Little Audrey?;-)

    • You were not, but only because, I am mortified to admit, I had to look up those lyrics to find out the reference…and then dig the track from the dusty cellar of my iTunes library.

  3. Inflicted with bad tv NYE programming I am now held prisoner by a modern “pop” tune with the refrain of “Shut up and dance with me!”

    This may push Lil’ Audrey out but replace it with something worse.

    You are welcomed….and Happy New Year!

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