21 comments on “Mixed Results

  1. nope, sassybear would NEVER make a cosmo with irn-bru. irn-bru looks like orange soda, of which I am NOT a fan. gimme a real cosmo or a gin-n-tonic (no rubbish) and I am happier than a pig in mud! oink oink!

    • Well you know, ‘nothing ventured….’ and all that. I share your fondness of the a good G&T. I am not a fan of straight gin but a good gin and a good tonic (no rubbish 2X) brightens any day

  2. The inconsistency of mixed drinks is one of the factors in being beer and wine guy. It is hard to fuck up either of the latter.

    I do have an affinity for Sangria though. However a bartender friend makes a heavenly sangria – she selects the best wine, triple sec, etc. They go down nice and smooth and a couple will knock you on your ass. The way a drink should!

    But I made the mistake of ordering one in a chain Mexican place – it had RUM in it. Rum is of course my downfall.

    • I have seen a number of recipes for Sangria that include spirits to boost the alcohol content though I have never done it.

      You know who sells a surprising good sangria? Target. They sell both red and white sangria in their boxed wines and it is actually quite decent. We just add fruit.

      • Interesting. My experience with boxed wines has been pretty bad. Most recent was a Bota Box. That shit was nasty. It’s the kind of thing you get drunk on good stuff first then drink that one.

        And one wine I cannot drink is Yellowtail. In fact a number of friend also abhor that one.

        Oh and around here – the big boxes and supermarkets aren’t allowed to sell alcoholic beverages.

  3. I am sure the neighbours would never say that you drink behind your back. You being the image of sobriety. With your talents to mix cocktails you could well become the best Pool Party Host in Phoenix.
    If the neighbours are going to talk I think Dr.Spo should be the one to worry, you know with all those funny imported drinks he buys, well I think the Tea Party is on to him.

  4. 🍹🍷🍸I too have a pharmacopeia of drink preferences, and find a libation keeps me young🍻👵or at least happy😉

  5. Isn’t Arizona law something like: cocktail research done within the privacy of one’s own home is OK. One should just not do it in the middle of the street where it could frighten the horses!

  6. That’s an image I like – Jesus ordering a second cosmo. And why stop there? Another….. and another…… till he’s writhing on the floor – and puking. Well, he was only human, wasn’t he?

    • Intriguingly, I have substituted Cointreau for Triple Sec making margarita but never thought of it for Cosmo. There does need to be a drop of something for me. I don’t enjoy the fully saturated, Kool-Aid color but there needs to be a little color or it wouldn’t feel like a cocktail.

      This experiment notwithstanding, Cosmos are something we rarely make at home.

  7. The thing about cosmos: you like them the way you like them. I used to like them red as Kool-Aid, now I’m more favorable to the way you like them, with maybe a hair more cranberry. I’ll Make you a blood orange Cosmo the next time I’m fortunate to cross your path.

    • I’ll look forward to that. There is a pub we go to sometimes that makes blood orange margarita that is quite tastey.

      And thanks for checking out Harper’s Valley. I appreciate it

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