12 comments on “Rideau Street Convent Chapel

  1. I was wondering how E.L. James managed to find 50 shades. I mean, the human eye can distinguish greyscale differences pretty easily (which is why black and white photography works so well) but identifying 50 distinct shades seems tricky., With the Grey Nuns I guess there are only 49 left to go.

  2. An isolated recommendation runs the risk of implying that the recommender lives on a steady diet of it. Not [remotely] so in the case of the following ‘errand’ I would send you on.

    Type the words ‘Monteverdi fourth’ in the iTunes search field. Two albums will show up below a list of tracks (ignore the tracks). Click the ‘Anthony Rooley’ album option (left), then click selection number 10 (Voi pur da me partite) and blow $1.29 on it.

    Counterpoint voices like the Tallis piece, and as sweet a harmonic resolution at the end of the ‘tune’ as I imagine has ever occurred.

    (Pardon if it seems I’m suggesting it might rival your chapel experience.) BTW, also ‘search’ Jim Tomlinson/The Lyric. (I wouldn’t mind be thought of as living on a steady diet of that;-)

  3. Amazing! Did you ever visit The Cloisters, part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in Upper Manhattan?

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