13 comments on “Poll Workers: Where are Albee, Pinter or Beckett When You Need Them?

  1. This is absolutely wonderful. A terrific piece of writing. I savored every word. What pure fun. Thank you for uplifting my mood. AND I just noticed the title of the last post. I will be chuckling about that over and over. Wowser… j

  2. AND this, dear one, is why I wanted you to write… to entertain me and make me laugh! YOU should write the play!

  3. This is quite a concerted effort. Very entertaining. I imagine it performed on a sparse set like that of Art or something similar. You have the talent and apparent love for writing so…

    • Thanks for reading and for your comment. The experience seemed like it would lend itself to one of those existential dramas like “No Exit” or “Endgame”. Lord knows, in our precinct, anticipating the arrival of another Democrat was “Waiting For Godot”.

      • I think your writing caught the tone just right. I kept thinking about “No Exit” .

      • Thanks for reading and commenting. I thought a lot about No Exit. Except instead of a giant bronze decoration over the mantel we had a stuffed dog. 🙂

  4. “at once a stickler for rules and above them”
    In the words of Roger Waters, “Short, sharp, sweet!”
    This is not anyone’s garden-variety blog post!

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