15 comments on ““I’m Gonna Have to Fix That One of These Days”

  1. Not that big on Ma and Pa Kettle, but I do love Marjorie Main. Our kitchen renovation is complete. However, not being near as butch as you we hired the job out. Now we just have to put the jigsaw puzzle that is our apartment back together.

    • Hey J – thanks for reading & commenting.

      I started to reply to your remark about Ma & Pa Kettle but, as I was typing, I realized it would be a better post than comment. Be on the lookout for that.

      I always loved Marjorie Main too. In a way she is illustrates my coming out process. Growing up she was ‘Ma Kettle’. I was in my late 20’s before I discovered that holiest of gay iconography, The Women. From then on she was Lucy talking about ‘them big strong red-headed types’…”They’re fierce!”.

      Please post pics of the new kitchen on FB!

  2. Gee Ma and Pa Kettle and I was thinking of spending my winter months at your place, I am re-evaluating now. Well ok so we have been found out by the White Supremacists, indeed it is our plan to invade and take control of the USA by disabling garage doors opener. The plan is so simple its brilliant. Once we take over no one will have a car because the garage door won’t open and you will all be forced to take the bus and ride with all kinds of less than white people. However they are wrong on one point, there has not been a garrison in Ottawa since 1918. We never had a US military base, remember we won the war of 1812.

    I am impressed with all your household skills, what does Dr.Spo do in all this, is he like some kind of Philosopher King musing on house repairs?

    • I hear that! 🙂 Incompetence and corruption are not party-specific; nor limited to the major parties for that matter.

      That said, I try to match up the accountability to the responsibility. Every politician does enough wrong all on their own without getting blamed for someone else’s deeds. Living here, I tire of listening to the constant diatribes about the current President being responsible for things that occurred years before his election. The most recent flap in the local media was about how incompetently he handled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. That was 2005! He didn’t become president until 2009. Of course my reaction is fueled mightily but the fact that those diatribes invariably begin with some far less polite version of: ‘that gosh darn African American’.

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