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  1. I didn’t watch because, well, I wasn’t interested in Carrie Underwood as Maria.
    But that’s just me.
    Then i heard how great Audra was–and Audra is almost always great–and looked for videos to watch her performance.
    ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain” was breathtaking, but then “My Favorite Things” really showed that, while Carrie has a lovely voice, that doesn’t translate to an acting voice. She looked sadly out of place alongside Audra.
    But, that said, i was kind of disgusted with the “hate-watching” Tweets and Facebook posts I saw.

  2. We saw the sing along show tonight at the National Art Centre in Ottawa. People here do not sing along, they have difficulty saying good morning to a neighbour, that kind of town. That put aside the show was sold out, very few kids, Thank God! The show was not bad but I was underwhelm all together.

  3. What a great job you did on this! There is absolutely nothing that you didn’t cover. I’d like to comment on everything you addressed, but I would wind up having a post as lengthy as yours. I’ll just add a few of my thoughts:

    Carrie did a decent job of singing. She just doesn’t have a “Broadway” voice. Mary Martin, who tackled the role at age 45 did a superior job.

    I was looking forward to hearing the beautiful, “Edelweiss” and was so disappointed. Theodore Bickel (stage) and Plummer (film, although his voice was dubbed) did a memorable job. Both the stage and film recordings will endure, but I’m afraid this version will not.

    Looking forward to more of your reviews. Saw “Godot” and Pinter’s “No Man’s Land” last week with Stewart and McKellan and would have loved to read your take on it.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I would love to have seen the Stewart/McKellan “….Godot”- my favorite play and a dream cast; what’s not to love?! I don’t know “No Man’s Land” but it’s Pinter so again…what’s not to love?

  4. “I so wanted this to be great. But Underwood’s acting was so distracting that I stopped watching after an hour.”

    This is the entire text of an email my friend Martin sent me the day after the TSoM broadcast. His review was not as thorough as yours;-)

    Since you have never disclosed any of your professional background on this blog (not a request), the complexity of your insight here does make one wonder if perhaps you did this ‘for a living’ once upon a time. Pardon me for always being impressed.

  5. Thanks for the kind words.

    Nothing so glamorous in my professional background; 30 years in mortgage banking. I did some community theater back in the day but, much as I wish it were otherwise – no talent. I stopped auditioning for productions when I learned I enjoyed taking acting/scene study classes as much as performing; still no real talent but enjoyed the process and met some great people who shared the love of theater.

    I see everything I can afford to see. I read plays often, I search out reviews and info on the web. My talent lies in being a pretty good audience member and like to think I’m an informed consumer.

    As for the reviews; I think I’ve mentioned it before but there is a reason the blog is subtitled “Adventures in Hubris”. There is no earthly reason why anyone should care what I think but I enjoy writing them and doing so forces me to think critically about what I see.

    Thanks for reading/commenting

  6. CORRECTION: In a separate email, a knowledgeable friend pointed out to me that Stephen Moyer does have some stage experience. He is currently in an LA production of “Chicago”. I couldn’t locate any other musical credits but, in doing a more research, I also learned he worked with the National Theatre Wales, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Oxford Stage Company before moving to television. I still didn’t love his performance in this show but lack of experience of the stage may not have been the cause.

  7. Interesting commentary, Someone. I caught the technical stuff, it’s part of my issue with suspension of disbelief having worked in the industry from 1970 until 2007. I agree with the acting. Carrie wasn’t in character while singing. That takes a special actor, in my opinion, especially when you aren’t on stage and having to project, and play to a huge theatre.

    Anyway, I found it entertaining, and pretty good, not that I’ll watch the rerun!
    Peace ❤

  8. You should start your own YouTube channel reviewing TV, movies, and opera. Or do you have that deer in the headlights look in front of a camera like someone I know? Woops! Hating!

    • Thanks for the compliment…. I think. Not much anxiety about being recorded or public speaking but I’d suffer a lot on the eloquence meter. Not claiming my posts are astonishingly articulate but whatever is there is the result of many edits and revisions.

      • Oh yeah, it was meant as a compliment because of the many informative and enjoyable reviews you have posted. Hey maybe you and Harper’s other dad could be the next Siskel & Ebert but on YouTube. I could see you guys sparring over a movie or opera review.

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