15 comments on “TSoM Becomes TLoTF

  1. LOTF, huh?
    Well you know anytime you get a gaggle of kids together without a guy with a ship’s whistle, they do tend to run amok.
    I wonder if a “sinister” production of TSOM would have the adorable cherubs roasting Fraulein Maria at the stake…ala ILL(I Love Lucy)when Lucy babysits twins.

    Oh nevermind……I am not a well woman…..;-)

  2. I agree with Laurent, there is a lot of hate and cowards (they always sign themselves “Anonymous”) on the Internet. I feel sorry for them because they obviously have such a low opinion of themselves that they feel they have to strike out at someone they feel is more beautiful and successful than they are. It is one thing to have constructive criticism and quite another to be just downright cruel. While I personally wouldn’t watch TSOM (way too “goody-goody” for me) I can understand why others would watch such spun sugar. I have no personal animosity towards Carrie Underwood however I do recognize that she possesses the white bread American beauty that so much of straight America idolizes (she won “America Idol”….BIG SURPRISE….I knew she would win it the first time I saw her). I understand that show business is about making money. Carrie Underwood….she’s beautiful she can sing……LET’S PUT ON A SHOW! Viola! Well, I’m going on too long her but I subscribe to the long held adage that some celebrity (whose name I have forgotten) said “Don’t let the trolls get you down.” Indeed. 🙂

    • I’m not quite as positive toward CU as you. People shouldn’t be unfair or nasty in their criticism (and some have been) but I felt more sympathy for her before she and the army of the faithful decided Jesus says she can’t be criticized.

      She took this role, it was a huge payday for her. She needs to pull up her big girl pants and tough out the bad reviews like any actor that gives a bad performance, get thicker skin and become a better actor for next time.

  3. As though there weren’t enough soap operas and big egos already!
    Many years ago I noticed that those who were the most ready to come forward with advice on how I should live my life were ones whose own lives were very far from being models one wished to emulate. So I just let them have their say (it was always useless arguing!), let it wash over, then do what I was going to do anyway.

    Btw: What is it with the name ‘Carrie’? (and I’m not referring to my most recent blog post.) Our SOM winner a few years back (chosen by combination of telly audience and Lord Lloyd Webber) was one Carrie Fisher, who had quite a success when the show was finally staged. But she was nowhere near the ‘colourful’ character your Ms Underwood seems to be, who sounds like she’d be well qualified to become a real fully-fledged nun, permanently sequestered away in dingy convent cloisters.

    • Oh Lordy – I’ve conflated two replies here! From second line above to end of paragraph is a comment on Ron @ Retired In Delaware’s ‘Nurse Reveals Top 5 Regrets’ post. So ignore that. First time that has happened. Must be getting senile – so what’s new?

  4. 60 years ago Peter Pan was shown live with Mary Martin (with the broadway cast) to similar scathing results. No social media back then, so few noticed. There were glitches. Stage-flying was a new thing back then. The show ran long.

    Martin was already a legend and played Maria in the OC of TSoM on Broadway. I didn’t see this TV version and don’t know if they used the play or movie story. There is a lot more music in the play and the story is quite different. The poster art looked more like Andrews and the film, rather than the play.

    Seems all the nasty focussed on Underwood and little else.

    • In a way, the poster was symbolic of the challenge. It is clearly intended to evoke Julie and the movie but then they performed the original stage version. Most of the audience, not familiar with the stage version, had unmet expectations from the start.

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