9 comments on “I’m Due For A Rant

  1. good comment. I never understand how in a Republic and a democracy some politicians can advocate laws that discriminates against other citizens based on factors that have nothing to do with being a tax paying Citizen. It creates a us and them Republic and that is very dangerous in the long run for any country.
    This weekend in Montreal the Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau spoke of a return in Canada to a just society which is no longer the case under Harper and his Conservatives.

  2. hell, even one of your senators has asked your gov to not sign this h8 bill. and who would be next to be refused – hispanics, blacks, women, jews? this list goes on and on. teavangelicals need to STFU and “love one another, as I have loved you”.

  3. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. The immigration laws AZ passed a couple of years ago measurably hurt the economy. Allegedly, at least one 1000 job business has pulled out of an economic deal to move to AZ, even though the bill hasn’t been signed. The governor would be a fool to sign this insidious legislation. The damage to AZ’s economy would be swift and horrible. I suspect all the anti-gay businesses would be out of business, much the way that clown in OR was put out of business – “You don’t want to serve everyone, then none of us will bother with you either”. “Oh that’s trampling my religious freedom!” Yeah, right, dude. Wake up and act like a the Christian you so profess to be! Not that I’d buy a cake from you anyway!

    Peace ❤

  4. If ever there was a time to rant, it is now, over this.

    “The more you refuse to hear my voice, the louder I will sing.
    The more you refuse the things I need, the more I want everything.”

  5. The business community is correct to fear a loss of business because of the stupidity of the law. And it is they who fund the candidates so it’ll be interesting to see what Brewer does by Friday.

    And yes I have bought electronic and amateur radio gear from companies in AZ. I’ve let them know that if the governor signs the ban i’ll no longer be purchasing from them. And I’ve told everyone I know to do the same. That’s the only way to get the message across.

  6. Oh I understand your need to rant. I feel the need coming on to me too. Not to make this about me but in my own family I have a brother (who I love dearly) who is one of these “Teaevangelicals”. In fact he is a pastor, Bob Jones University trained, at a large Greenville, SC church. Since Bill and I got officially married this past summer I haven’t heard nary a word let alone a congratulations from them. I have another lifetime good friend (since first grade) who has casually referred to my marriage as “What’s next, marrying your pet?” He thought that was funny. What he didn’t think was so funny when I told him that I considered his remark very offensive. He has since offered a somewhat lame apology (he says his church says to “forgive” ,WTF is that?) I don’t have anything else to do with him or his wife until they get their heads straight. I am fortunate that I live in a state that isn’t attempting to legislate discrimination like your fascist state of Arizona (and I do not exaggerate when I refer to Arizona as “fascist” because that’s what they are). Know this, if your governor signs that bill, Arizona will be boycotted and will lose. Have they learned nothing from their Martin Luther Kind Day fiasco? Thanks for posting this.

  7. I agree with Ron on this one, in Canada we are stuck right now with this Harper guy who is a fundamentalist Christian his church is hoping for Rapture the sooner the better, he recently went to Israel at Taxpayers expense with 21 rabbis and 20 evangelical preachers on a religious pilgrimage.
    His policies are Tea Party and GOP, Obama told him off and he is harming the good relationship we have had with the USA for years, because his friends are in the GOP. Thank God in Canada, most of us have no patience for such politicians. Justin Trudeau the son of Pierre E. Trudeau is hopefully our next Prime Minister and will put things right. Luckily for us Harper cannot changed the Laws on equality and the rights we enjoy under our Charter of Rights. I really feel for you guys having all this BS to contend with. It is beyond reason.

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