5 comments on “Stormé DeLarverie – Rest In Peace

  1. II did not recognize her name either. But I do have great respect for her and all the others who stood up to the pervasive and “accepted” harassment that was routine when I and my fellow gay men (and women) went to the bars. I remember exactly where I was when I heard of the Stonewall Riot. I was in the Westbury Bar at 215 South Fifteen Street in Philadelphia, PA. When the news spread through the bar the general reaction was “It’s about time and good for them!” And you know something? Even then we knew it was the drag queens (and apparently the drag “kings” too) who were the ones who fought back. We knew it wasn’t the married dad hiding in the closet sneaking for a Satuday night out for a quickie. We knew it wasn’t the faux “biker” dudes. We knew it wasn’t the gays who are always playing it safe. We KNEW it HAD TO BE the drag queens. I witnessed the very same thing a few months previously when one of our local drag queens (“Sara Vaughn” by name) was arrested and taken out of the bar for the umpteenth time for having the temerity and nerve to be a flagarent and in your face homosexual, wig and all. “Sara” was one of the toughest persons I ever knew and everyone had great respect for “her” fighting her lonely battle with the Philadelphia Police vice squad who so often arrested her just for being herself. The Stonewall Riots were the culmination of decades of abuse and harassment by local authorities. However, that night it stopped when the drag queens decided enough was enough. They will have my complete respect and admiration until the day I die.

  2. Very interesting. Thank you for bringing to life another of our famous “forebears” of gay society and culture. It’s a shame I only learned of her through death.

    Peace ❤

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