24 comments on “It’s Magic!

  1. You have a very pleasing face, so I’m sure the preference for facial hair is purely selfish on the other Harper Dad part. The mustache looks very good on you. Viva la change. 🙂

  2. Of the three, I think I’m a fan of you with the goatee.

    I have moments like this too. It’s either my facial hair that gets whacked off, or my head hair. Which is rather odd because I was thinking about shaving my noggin today. Hmm…..

  3. Me thinks you shaved it all off a month too soon. I suppose it’s ok since you aren’t planning on voting in gangster filled Chicago or New York in the era of Boss Tweed, where the shaving whiskers off in stages between trips to the voting booth on election day was all the rage ….

    It’s always nice to shake things up a bit….I heartily approve of the change! And as long as you keep letting Harper take you to the dog park I am sure she won’t yank your chain over the change. 😉

  4. I’m with Zeph above – I vote the top pic as being the hottest.
    For me, an unapologetic pogonophile, on most men the more facial (and elsewhere) hair there is the better it looks – though call a halt before it gets to the bird’s nest stage.

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